Wicker Furniture

Stylish wicker furniture built to last

Many people associate wicker – the woven rattan, willow or even plastic furniture-making material – with wicker baskets and outdoor furniture. While wicker is a popular choice for patio or outdoor furniture because of its light weight and sturdiness, these same qualities can make wicker a compelling choice for the living room as well, while giving your home a naturally exotic look.

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You can buy both natural wicker (created from plant stalks and shoots) and synthetic wicker. Both have high strength and durability from their construction, but natural wicker is considered more attractive and comfortable. However, natural wicker also requires regular maintenance to keep it in good shape, while synthetics often require no maintenance or cleaning.

Wicker Chairs

Because both natural and synthetic wicker is woven in such a way to create a flexible material, wicker chairs are popular for their comfort. You can count on wicker chairs to give slightly to accommodate different sized people, and they are strong enough to withstand frequent use. Wicker chairs and couches also allow for a variety of cushions and pillows that can be changed out to frequently update the look of your living room for a low cost.

You can bring that versatility and resilience into your other living room furniture as well. A wicker couch can be just as comfortable as a traditional leather or upholstered couch, but it also provides a more natural, exotic air to your living room. Non-traditional uses of wicker give your living room a lighter feeling, making the room seem larger and more open.

Other Wicker Furniture

Wicker has been used in furniture making since ancient Egypt and rose again in popularity at the turn of the 20th century. Antique wicker furniture is often highly sought after by collectors. On the other hand, contemporary designers have been reinventing wicker, using ancient techniques to weave non-traditional materials. Both natural and synthetic wicker can come in a variety of colors (either natural, depending on the plant used, or dyed), allowing you to customize your living room or outdoor wicker furniture.

Don't limit yourself to just what you sit upon. A wicker table can really complement your living room, especially if it matches the rest of your furniture. No more cleaning glass coffee tables every time guests are coming over – wicker is naturally water, light and stain resistant, making it a great, low-maintenance choice for a variety of living room furniture.

Even wicker table lamps can be used as accents or main focal pieces. Not only are wicker lamps attractive and unique, they also give an illusion of allowing more light shine through because of their lightweight, natural material.