Find the ideal couch for your living room

The perfect sofa can serve as the foundation for your living room – the place in the house where everyone comes together, either for entertaining guests, watching television or just reading a book. You can make sure you give your living room a stylish focal point by choosing a couch that complements the rest of your living room furniture.

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Sofa Materials

Sofas can be made out a variety of construction materials – from wicker to plastic and everything in between. However, if looking for a high-quality couch for your living room, consider the three most popular couch materials: leather, fabric and wood.

Leather sofas are popular for their luxurious appearance and are available in such a variety of styles that it's easy to find something that fits your home. They are also the most popular choice for office sofas since they convey a formal welcome to any visitor. From weathered, cocoa-colored leather to smooth, shiny turquoise, leather furniture can provide a beautiful, quality feel for your living room. Keep in mind that different types of leather have different care requirements, so ask before you buy to make sure that sofa fits into your lifestyle and cleaning regimen.

Wood couches can be stained or painted to fit your decorating scheme. They also sometimes have removable cushions, allowing you to occasionally replace them and therefore re-decorate your living room at a very affordable price.

Fabric is one of the most affordable choices when making a new couch purchase. Upholstered sofas can also be highly customized with varying textures, colors and patterns that can easily become the centerpiece of any decor.

Sectional Sofas

A sectional couch allows you to alter the appearance and shape of your couch to fit your living room specifically. Sectional sofas have two or more pieces that can be arranged to create various L- or U-shaped configurations. This is a great room saver since your couch doesn't have to extend past natural walkways in a smaller house, but can instead curve to fit the shape of your living room. Sectional couches can also eliminate the need for bulky loveseats or armchairs, since they provide a lot of seating in just one piece of furniture.

Sectional sofas can also provide couch upgrades – like recliners and sleeper sofas – within the same couch set. You can pick and choose the conveniences you'd like in your living room, as well as specific sizes, allowing you to customize your living room layout.

Buying a Sofa

Shopping for a new sofa can be a daunting task, with all the options available, especially since it is such a major purchase. Take your time and be prepared to visit several showrooms before making a choice. Keep in mind the size and style of the couch, as well as testing any contenders for comfort. What will you be using the sofa for, and how much time will you spend on it? In the end, comfort may be a more important factor than style.

You can save money by looking for discontinued models or opting for plainer upholstery. Another option is to find cheap sofas online – online retailers can offer considerable savings, since they are not paying for the overhead of a furniture showroom.