Stay organized with the right shelving system

Shelves provide storage in any room. Conveniently, you can get a larger shelving unit for a spacious area or use brackets to put a few shelves up anywhere. Since they can conform to almost any space, shelves are essential for nearly every home, office or business. The location of the shelves and the items you intend to put on them will determine the type of shelving you need.

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Display Shelving

Display shelving is for items you intend to display as opposed to merely store. It will be positioned in a room where it is openly viewed, such as a living room, bedroom or home office. Display shelving can be a shelving unit or individual bracketed shelves. Sometimes, this type of shelving has protective glass to keep items from getting damaged.

Book shelves or bookcases are often used as display shelving units, not only for books but also for small picture frames and other decorative items. Wood shelves in attractive finishes are most common, but metals, marbles and laminates also make beautiful display shelves. Display shelving is usually more attractive and better quality than storage shelving.

Storage Shelving

The main concern with storage shelving is functionality. Often, storage shelves are unattractive, but they are sturdy shelves that are large enough to hold whatever items you need to store. They are usually placed in areas that few people see, such as a storage closet, a basement or a garage. Both metal shelves and plain or unfinished wood shelves make popular storage shelving.

Bracket Shelving

Bracket shelving is not part of a shelving unit but consists of a stand-alone shelf secured to a wall by two or more brackets. This type of shelving is convenient if you need shelves to fit a particular-sized area or if you want to make use of the vertical space in a room without taking up floor space. Bracket shelving is suited for dry wall or other surfaces in which a bracket can be easily secured.

Shelving Units

Shelving units may be ready-made or customized. Most are freestanding and movable. More attractive shelving units are usually display shelves, while sturdier units tend to be designed for storage. Generally, shelving units are assembled by the purchaser, although some smaller display shelves may come preassembled.

Whether you want display shelving or storage shelving, make certain the shelves are large enough to display or store what you need. Also check the sturdiness of your shelves and make sure they can support the weight of your items. Additional brackets may be required to secure tall, heavy shelving units to the wall for extra stability.