Rocking Chairs

Relax in a rocking chair

Whether it's in a quiet corner of your living room, or in the serene surroundings of a newborn's nursery, a rocking chair is a symbol of peace and comfort. Grab a magazine, a cup of tea or a sleeping baby and rock your cares away.

Rocking Chair Styles

Traditional rocking chairs are wooden or upholstered chairs placed upon rockers that provide a smooth back and forth motion. Rocking chairs have slightly leaning backs to provide lumbar support but are balanced to make sure they can't tip over during proper use. Armrests provide greater comfort and allow the user to sink into the chair and rock their troubles away.

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Rocking chairs have been around for hundreds of years, and antique rocking chairs are valued collectors' items. These chairs are typically handcrafted and have lasted a long time and through much use. Amish rocking chairs are some of the most highly sought after for their fine craftsmanship. Some antique chairs are still safe to use in your home while others may be for display only. If you're looking to buy an antique rocking chair, make sure to find out what its limitations are.

Glider rocking chairs are especially popular these days. They provide an especially gentle gliding motion, but they come with several disadvantages. First of all, they are pricier than traditional rocking chairs, because of all the construction involved. Secondly, all those moving parts can wear out, becoming squeaky or clunky, needing lubrication and eventual replacement. Finally, and contrary to popular belief, little fingers and feet are just as likely to become crushed in the glider mechanism as they are under traditional rockers, so glider chairs are no safer than rocking chairs. For the ultimate in comfort, look into a rocking recliner chair.

Rocking Chair Plans

Many people still craft their own wooden rocking chairs. If you're handy with woodworking, you can find rocking chair plans online or in woodworking books that can help you build your own family heirloom piece. However, because of the strength and balance required for a rocking chair, building a rocking chair requires significant skill. While it's possible to find these plans free, some master carvers charge for sharing their knowledge.

It's also easy to find information on restoring an antique rocking chair. If you're interested in stripping the chair, re-gluing the joints and re-staining the chair, you can take a rocking chair that was ready for the trash instead make it ready for daily use.

If building your own wooden rocking chair, you can make your chair even more comfortable by making or purchasing rocking chair cushions. This also allows you to freshen up the look of the rocking chair – or customize the comfort level – whenever necessary.