Reclining chair options for your home

There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and being able to put your feet up while sitting in your favorite, most comfortable chair. And that's the entire ideas behind recliners – armchairs that have a lever-activated mechanism allowing you to push back into a reclining position with your legs and feet supported.

Recliner Brands

With the plethora of recognized brands out there producing recliners, there's no need for your recliner to stand out in your living room unless you want it to. Recliners can be a natural part of your living room furniture set. Many furniture companies produce coordinating armchairs and recliners, making it incredibly easy to have a matching living room that fits your style and individual needs.

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La-Z Boy is one of the most popular recliner companies in the world. La-Z boy recliners are known for being available in sizes bigger than most recliners, having a smooth armchair-to-recliner handle and coming in fabric, leather and environmentally friendly fabric options.

Motioncraft recliners have a large selection of various pieces of living room furniture that all have the recliner option – from sofas and love seats to the classic stand-alone armchair recliners.

Berkline recliners are known as state-of-the-art recliners. Many of their recliners have massage, heat and lift (for those who may have trouble standing up) options built into them. Berkline also offers removable backs on most of their products, allowing you to move your furniture more easily.

Types of Recliners

Most places that sell recliners will offer you a host of options. Primarily you'll have to choose what cover you prefer – the luxury of leather or the year-round comfort of fabric. Depending on the type of leather you choose, leather recliners might actually be easier to clean, but fabric recliners are usually less expensive.

There are also a couple optional comforts that you'll want to consider when purchasing a new recliner. For instance, massage recliners typically come with motors that target the muscles in your back to give you a relaxing massage as you kick back in your recliner. Most have controllers, allowing you to adjust the speed and intensity of the massage mechanism. Some can also apply heat to keep you warm and relaxed.

You can also enjoy the simple comfort of rocker recliners, which allow you to use the recliner as an especially luxurious rocking chair when it's not in the reclined state.