Leather Furniture

Authentic leather home furnishings

Leather furnishings conjure up associations of warmth, luxury and refined style. Whether it's a simple accent piece or an entire suite of leather furniture, leather can add to the look and feel of any room. If the luxury of fine leather has you worried about the price, don't be. It's possible to find discount leather furniture that fits your style and will be a part of your home for years to come.

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Leather Furniture Options

Leather furniture doesn't have to be limited to a stuffy office environment – it can be a durable choice for the whole home. If you love the smooth and powerful feel of your leather office chair, you should consider leather furniture for the living room, as well. One of the advantages of leather over other living room furniture materials is the variety of looks that can be captured in fine leather, from classic, formal leather couches to modern, sleek leather recliner chairs.

When choosing leather furniture, there are a couple distinct differences in the design of the piece that you can consider in order to achieve the look you want.

The first is color and texture. With dyes, your leather couches can be any color you choose – from classic browns, creams and blacks to vibrant blues, reds and greens. The texture of leather can also vary – whether you enjoy soft, small-grained leather or a weathered, large-grained leather. And you'll know the whole living room will match, since you can get the same color and texture for the set down to the leather ottoman.

The second is stitching. Modern-looking leather chairs will typically have a smooth, almost invisible stitching - the material has few indentations or noticeable stitches and instead relies on clean lines. The classic look for leather chairs is a scored stitching style that adds dimension to your leather. This stitching runs down the front of the chair or sofa and curves with the armrests, which are sometimes inlaid with decorative upholstery nails as part of the design.

Caring for Leather

There are several different types of leather sold as furniture, and each is treated differently in order to achieve a certain look – from pigments to accents. The manufacturer should include instructions on how to care for your leather furniture when you purchase it, but there are some basic guidelines that you can follow to keep the leather in your living room looking beautiful.

Most importantly, keep your chairs protected from the sun – sunlight will cause leather to fade. Shiny, pigmented leathers can be cleaned with mild soap and water, but non-pigmented leathers should never get water on them.