End Tables

A great addition to your living room

End tables are both decorative and functional, and can complete the overall appearance of a room. When purchasing end tables, your personal style, room space, budget and existing furniture will all influence your selection. Additionally, you should consider the quality of the end tables, their shape, their storage capacity and their material. Whether you have traditional or contemporary décor, you can find the ideal end tables for your space.

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Traditional End Tables

Traditional end tables are typically offered in darker woods. They can be found in a variety of shapes, including oval, round, rectangular and square. Some traditional end tables are accented with other materials, such as wrought iron bases.

Oak end tables are perhaps the most traditional and are available in a variety of finishes. Solid wood end tables are usually the most costly but also the most durable. Composite wood with veneers is second for durability and somewhat cheaper, and tables composed of particle board are the least sturdy but also the least expensive.

Contemporary End Tables

Contemporary coffee and end tables are available in many materials, including wood, glass, metal, laminate and marble. Often, contemporary end tables combine materials; for example, glass end tables may rest on interesting, geometrically designed bases created of metal, wrought iron or wood. Contemporary tables are available in delicate or robust-looking styles.

Antique End Tables

Antique end tables, usually constructed of wood, are styled within a historical time period. Often, the era of the design can be determined from carvings in the table, the type of joints and feet the table has, and the type of handles used on any drawers. Antique end tables pre-date the 1920s, and many are more ornate than their traditional counterparts.

Wicker End Tables

Wicker is not a material, but rather a method of creating furniture. Wicker end tables are woven from synthetic or natural branches, such as bamboo or reed, and are available in a variety of colors and styles that can enhance any room. As with other wicker furniture, inspect wicker end tables for tight weaving and finished edges before you purchase them.

When shopping for end tables, keep in mind that they should fit comfortably in the room and match the style of the existing furniture. If you are purchasing end tables with drawers, make sure the drawers move smoothly and are deep enough to satisfy your storage needs. Ask your salesperson about cleaning instructions, and use coasters regularly so that you will be sure to enjoy your new end tables for years to come.