Chair Covers

Spruce up your chairs with slip covers

Chair slip covers change the appearance of existing furniture and protect it from wear and tear. They are less expensive than replacing furniture, are available in many colors and styles, and are often washable. Chair and couch covers snap, zipper, tie or pull snugly over the furniture, so choose a slip cover that you find convenient to attach and remove.

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Chair Cover Styles

The style of chair cover determines its fit on the chair. Certain styles may be easier to put on the chair, or you may prefer the appearance of certain covers over others. Some slipcovers are one piece and have decorative ties that help hold the cover in place. Two-piece or multi-piece chair covers have separate covers for the back, cushion and possibly arms of the chair. Form-fitting chair cushions are usually one piece and hug the underlying chair so that the original style features are maintained.

Dining chair covers come in one-piece styles that are loose or form-fitting. Loose styles often have a scroll or tie in the back, which makes it possible to tighten the slipcover as desired. Form-fitting stretch chair covers mold more tightly to the chair's configuration. Both styles can be found in short and long varieties. If you are only trying to protect or cover the cushions, shorter varieties will keep the legs of the chair visible. Because of their purpose, dining chairs may become soiled, so select slip covers that can be easily washed.

Wing chair covers are available in many patterns and solid fabrics. They are usually one piece, and styles may have pleated, paneled or straight fronts near the base of the chair. Butterfly chair covers sit on a metal frame and are designed to create, rather than cover, the seat. Measure your frame to ensure that you purchase the appropriate size.

Couch Slip Covers

Couch slip covers, as well as chair covers, can be ready-made or customized. Depending on whether you want a tailored appearance or a looser fit, couch slip covers come in one-piece and multi-piece styles. Form-fitting or tailored styles are likely to remain smooth when people move on and off the sofa. Pillows can also be created in coordinating patterns.

Make over your room without purchasing a single piece of furniture. Slip covers prolong the life of your existing furniture and add new style to your existing décor.