Kids Room

Furniture for kids bedrooms and play rooms

Furnishing a kids room can be a lot of fun compared to most of the other rooms in the house. This is a room where many parents are willing to get creative with bright colors and fun furniture so that children enjoy spending time in their rooms. Choosing the right furniture and decoration will depend largely on the ages of the children and how many will share the room. Here are some kids room furniture pieces to consider.

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Kids Beds

Sure, beds are made for sleeping but that doesn't mean that they can't be fun at the same time. There are many different styles of kids beds available with many that are gender-specific. One example is the Disney line of race car beds or pirate-themed captain's beds for boys, while girls get to choose from Hanna Montana or princess-themed bed sets. Bunk beds continue to be a favorite, especially when children need to share a room. Many elaborate and playful designs are available, and some even come with a built-in slide! Regardless of the size of the room and the age, gender and number of children that you need to accommodate, there is likely a perfect bed out there for you.

Kids Desk

A desk is a great place for your child to work on crafts and store all their crayons, pencils and markers. It should be big enough to accommodate a wide sheet of paper and have some space left over for utensils like scissors, glue sticks or pencil crayons. Children in school who are assigned homework will need a larger desk that has enough space for a lamp or books.

Toy Box

As any parent knows, you need to have adequate storage for all those toys if you want ensure a tidy room. A toy box is a great way to keep all the toys in one place instead of scattered throughout the house. The toy box could be anything – a large Rubbermaid container, a trunk, or even just a large cardboard box. For those that want something a little more fun, you can also get toy boxes shaped like a fire truck or a treasure chest.

Kids Room Decoration

Decorating kids rooms can be a fun or frustrating experience; you can expect to have to change every piece of furniture in a kid's bedroom at least once while they are growing up, and more often if you go with a heavily themed bedroom. What children like will change as they hit the double digits and especially their teen years, not to mention that they'll physically outgrow any kids furniture in a few years. A young child's bedroom often doubles as a play room, while an older child will gradually use their bedroom for homework.

Lastly, remember to choose pieces that don't require extensive cleaning to look great. Keep this in mind when choosing the furniture and decorations for your child's bedroom.