Bulletin Boards

Get organized with a simple cork board

Your home office is probably more comfortable and casual than a regular cubicle, but that doesn't mean it should be cluttered and disorganized. One of the easiest ways to bring some order to your office is a bulletin board. These handy and versatile office products have come a long way from the standard rectangular cork board style.

Bulletin Board Ideas

A magnet board can hold papers against the wall without using pins that leave unsightly puncture marks. Some bulletin boards can use both magnets and push-pins by creating a main surface covered with a fine, metallic mesh; magnets will stick to the mesh, while pins will sink through the holes.

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For notes, charts or important sketches that often change, get yourself a big dry erase board and a few different colors of markers. Messages on a dry erase board are not as permanent as paper-and-ink notes but are much easier to manage. Dry erase boards are perfect companions for home office desks.

For cards, photos or notes that you don't want to ruin with a magnet or pin, try a fabric-backed bulletin board. Covered with a cross-hatched pattern of ribbon, these boards allow you to slip photos or other objects behind the ribbon to hold them in place. As an added bonus, fabric bulletin boards are easy to make yourself; choose fabric that matches your existing office décor.

Velcro bulletin board systems offer more creative ideas; attach a square of hook-and-loop tape to any object you will consistently hang from the board, and it will always be stuck right where you need it.

Products that combine cork bulletin board with dry-erase sections are sometimes referred to as "message centers." A message center is a handy place for both changeable notes ("Practice was rescheduled, pick me up at 5:00") and important documents, such as bills or homework assignments.

Not Just for the Office

Bulletin boards can be used all around the house. Magnet boards are particularly handy kitchen accessories; a recipe can be held at eye-level, and you don't have to damage it with pin holes. Fabric boards are great for displaying photos in guest bedrooms or living rooms. Put a Velcro board in a child's room and Velcro strips to fabric letters and numbers for educational play with endless possibilities.