Bar Stools

Bar stool styles to consider

A home bar provides a safe, comfortable environment in which to host parties and celebrate with loved ones. Take care in furnishing and decorating your bar area – after all, an attractive and cozy bar is one your friends will want to frequent.

Bar stools are important parts of your home bar's look and feel. They may not be the largest pieces of furniture in your bar area, but your stools will dictate whether or not your guests are comfortable.

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Keep in mind that you don't have to sacrifice attractiveness for the sake of comfort; modern bar stools offer plenty of both. You also don't need to pay an arm and a leg for proper sitting arrangements; discount bar stools can be just as fun and functional as higher-end models. It's all about choosing what works best for your space.


When considering stools, the first thing to determine is the proper height. Measure the height of your bar; specifically, focus on the space between the bottom of the bar's overhang and the floor. You'll want a stool that props people high enough that they're not straining to put their arms on the bar, but also keeps them low enough that they have room for their legs underneath the bar.


There are various materials used in stools. Leather bar stools give off an air of elegance, but might be too opulent for a contemporary decorating scheme. Wood bar stools are certainly durable, but unless they are padded, they may be too uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. However, they're ideal if you're going for a rustic bar stool look. Metal bar stools are perfect if you're going for a retro look, but they don't appear as warm and inviting as wood or leather.


With your square footage and desired usage in mind, decide what style you need in a stool. Backless stools are great for smaller spaces and encourage standing guests to gather around the bar, as the space feels more open and inviting. Stools with backings are as comfortable as dining chairs, but can congest small areas.

How much movement do you want to allow? Swivel bar stools let guests to carry on multiple conversations and be more involved in the entire space, but they also require more room. Stationary bar stools are studier and more stable, but not as versatile. It all depends on the atmosphere you're trying to create.