Pool Tables

A primer on pools tables and accessories

A games room is the perfect place for friends and family to kick back, relax and leave the stresses of the day behind. But a games room just isn't complete if you can't challenge your friends to a game of pool. A pool table is a major purchase, though, and you'll have to carefully consider your budget in addition to ensuring the table will comfortably fit in its reserved place. Keep in mind, too, that the overall quality of the table has a direct effect on its price.

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Size of the Game Room

Pool tables come in various standard sizes, so choosing the one that fits the dimensions of your game room is important. Snooker tables are larger, while standard pool tables are more compact. Remember not to choose a pool table that is too big, as it will sit too close to the wall, making it difficult to maneuver. An oversize game table also won't accommodate the length of the cue stick, making it impossible for you to follow through properly on a shot.

Plan ahead by carefully measuring the dimensions of your games room. Write the measurements down, and take them to the billiards store with you. This will help the staff at the store ensure that you purchase the right pool table. If you're considering used pool tables for sale through private parties, remember that it's best to leave at least 5 feet of clearance on all sides to make sure you're not bumping into the walls when you're lining a shot up.

Budget and Quality

Your budget will be the single most significant determining factor when it comes to choosing a pool table. If you plan to take the cheap route, you'll likely get exactly what you pay for; thus, if it's financially possible, it's better to buy a higher-end pool table that will last. Getting a used pool table is also a viable option, but be mindful that used pool tables are sold "as is." If you intend to buy a secondhand table, inspect it carefully for warps and surface inconsistencies before forking over any cash.

Also, consider the pool table accessories you'll need. Leave room in your budget for a pool table light, a pool table cover, replacement pool table felt, chalk and cues. These extras can easily add up to several hundred additional dollars.

Pay close attention to the manufacturer's warranty on the pool table before you purchase it so you can rest assured that the table can be repaired or replaced if it is defective. If you don't know how to assemble a pool table properly, hire a professional to do it for you. As with high-end purchases like entertainment centers, you risk voiding the manufacturer's warranty if you cause damage through improper setup.