Games Room

Rec room furniture and games

Hands down, the most fun room in any house has to be the games room – the room dedicated to having nothing but entertainment. A recreation room is where family and guests go to escape the everyday grind and compete against each other or themselves. Here are some of the essential components to make your rec room a great place to unwind and have fun.

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Games Room Ideas

  • Dart board. Darts have long been a favorite game of skill. Whether you want to challenge friends or family members at home, kill some time or get some practice on your own before playing at the local pub, a dart board can provide plenty of entertainment.
  • Ping pong table. A great fast-paced game for two to four people.
  • Air hockey tables. Enjoy all the fun of air hockey without shelling out quarters at the bar or arcade.
  • Foosball table. Foosball is a table soccer game, great for two to four players at a time.
  • Poker tables. For those who prefer less physical games, having a poker table can be the perfect diversion when friends come over.
  • Pool table. Another great game of skill that is best suited for two players going head to head, or up to two teams of two people each.
  • Video games. Playing video games can whisk you away to other worlds and they allow you to play with others or go solo. With an Internet connection you can also play against your friends online. Another benefit of a video game console system is that it doesn't take up as much room as many of these other games.
  • Big screen TV. If you love to watch sports and movies or play larger-than-life video games, having a big screen TV is the perfect addition to your games room.

Rec Room Designs

Designing the perfect rec room ultimately comes down to the amount of space that you have at your disposal. Having a ping pong table, pool table or dart board without adequate space will only make your gaming experience an exercise in frustration. Unless you have a ton of space or money to burn, you'll likely have to choose only one or two of the above suggestions for your game room.