Dining Tables

Popular dining room table styles

A dining room without a table is just plain boring, as this piece of furniture serves as the heart of the whole area. Without it, loved ones can't comfortably enjoy meals, or engage in wholesome dinner conversations. A dining table is an indispensible furnishing in any home, large or small.

Types of Dining Tables

Wood dining room tables are the most popular. Available in cherry, oak and a wide range of other stains and styles, wood dining tables are sturdy and long-lasting. Contemporary dining tables are perfect for those who favor unique styles with sleek, dramatic lines. Though modern dining tables are sometimes made of wood, glass tabletops are a mainstay of contemporary designs.

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Tables for dining areas come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. Even if you live alone and have an eating area of a modest size, a small and round dining room table can fit nicely in the corner of your dining room and give you a cozy place to enjoy your meals.

Wood and Glass Table Care

If wood dining room tables are cared for properly, they can retain their beautiful sheen for years. Use coasters beneath your drinks to prevent water rings and warping, and avoid exposing your wood furniture to direct sunlight. If your wood table sits near a window, cover it with a tablecloth. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions to keep your tabletop's finish flawless.

Glass dining room tables add brightness to rooms. They are extremely durable, and can last for ages. But if you have a houseful of crumb-snatchers, cleaning sticky fingerprints and food off a glass table will be a constant chore.

An even mixture of vinegar and water can safely clean and shine your glass dining room table. Cleaning a glass table with a commercial window cleaner is also an option, but using harsh chemicals on an eating surface is never a good idea. To minimize cleaning and reduce scratches, use table linens to protect the glass table's surface.

The perfect dining table can set the tone for your dining room. With endless styles to choose from, selecting one is no easy task. But once you find that perfect dining room table, you'll need to care for it properly so your family can enjoy it for years to come.