Dining Chairs

Popular dining room chair styles

Most people elect to buy dining room chairs as part of a complete furniture set. However, dining chairs can also be purchased separately; if you elect to go this route, you'll need to take care to match the chairs and table properly. This requires you to take size, style, comfort, maintenance requirements and aesthetic issues into account.

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Size of Chairs

The size and height of your dining chairs should be proportional to the size and height of your table. Oversize dining room chairs won't leave adequate legroom for people to sit comfortably. They will also overpower the dining room table, and make the entire eating area look awkward. If you leave 12 to 13 inches of space between the seats of the chairs and the surface of the table, your loved ones will have plenty of room to sit comfortably during mealtimes.

Style and Maintenance Requirements

Selecting the perfect dining chairs from the endless options available on the market can be difficult, as there are literally thousands of styles to choose from. Wood dining room chairs can be purchased in cherry, oak and faux-antique finishes. The key advantage of wood dining chairs is that they are easy to maintain and last for many years. However, if you sit on a wood dining room chair for prolonged periods of time, they can get pretty uncomfortable. You can prevent this by spending a little extra cash on a few dining room chair cushions.

Sticky fingers, spilled milk and children go hand-in-hand. Thus, upholstered dining room chairs may not be the best idea for a family with youngsters who have trouble keeping their cups upright. A low-maintenance dining chair such as wood may be a better option, as it can easily be wiped down after an accident. One advantage of upholstery, though, is that when the fabric wears out, the dining room chairs can be reupholstered for a fraction of what it would cost it would take to replace them.

Leather dining room chairs are sophisticated, and provide ultimate seating comfort for loved ones. While it's relatively easy to care for leather chairs, you should always follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care recommendations.

If you get bored with the appearance of your dining chairs, or just want to jazz them up for the holidays, you can always place dining room chair covers over them to effectively change the entire look and feel of the eating area. Holiday-themed covers for all your dining room furniture transforms you home into a festive haven!